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Climate, Average Weather of New Zealand

  • Of the land area, 89.2% has a temperate/ mesothermal climate with significant precipitation in all seasons (Cf), 10.8% has a alpine/ highland climate (H).
  • Of the population, 98.9% live in a temperate/ mesothermal climate with significant precipitation in all seasons (Cf), 1.1% live in a alpine/ highland climate (H).
Lat Long Alt m(ft) Climate Biome Av Temp Precip
Cape Reinga3426'S17241'E212.5 (697)Marine west coast16 (60)1058 (42)
Waiharara3457'S17312'E30 (98)Subtropical dry forest1147 (45)
Mangonui3458'S17331'E11 (36)1366 (54)
Waipapakauri351'S17315'E6 (20)Warm temperate dry forest1209 (48)
Kaingaroa North353'S17319'E30 (98)Warm temperate dry forest1382 (54)
Kaitaia354'S17317'E85 (279)Warm temperate dry forest1351 (53)
Rangitihi357'S17319'E37 (121)Warm temperate dry forest1494 (59)
Ahipara3510'S1739'E5 (16)Warm temperate dry forest1194 (47)
Broadwood3516'S17324'E85 (279)Warm temperate dry forest2168 (85)
Herekino3516'S17313'E34 (112)Warm temperate dry forest1554 (61)
Kawakawa Council3522'S1744'E8 (26)Warm temperate dry forest1526 (60)
Opononi3528'S17325'E12 (39)Warm temperate dry forest1391 (55)
Hikurangi3537'S17416'E80 (262)Warm temperate dry forest1695 (67)
Waimatenui3537'S17343'E213 (699)Warm temperate dry forest1950 (77)
Glenbervie Forest3539'S17421'E107 (351)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (57)1908 (75)
Waipoua Forest3539'S17333'E88 (289)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (58)1584 (62)
Ruatangata3540'S17413'E152 (499)Warm temperate dry forest1584 (62)
Parakao3543'S17357'E55 (180)Warm temperate dry forest1424 (56)
Titoki3543'S1744'E28 (92)Warm temperate dry forest1302 (51)
Maungatapere3545'S17412'E122 (400)Warm temperate dry forest1572 (62)
Wairua Falls3546'S1744'E15 (49)Warm temperate dry forest1320 (52)
Whangarei3546'S17422'E37 (121)Warm temperate dry forest1486 (59)
Tangihua3549'S1747'E84 (276)Warm temperate dry forest1417 (56)
Mamaranui3552'S17348'E49 (161)Warm temperate dry forest1285 (51)
Dargaville3555'S17352'E17 (56)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (59)1231 (48)
Arapohue360'S17355'E61 (200)Warm temperate dry forest1180 (46)
Waipu Cove361'S17430'E61 (200)Warm temperate dry forest1289 (51)
Port Fitzroy3610'S17521'E4 (13)Marine west coast16 (60)1893 (75)
Maungaturoto, Melford3610'S17422'E17 (56)Warm temperate dry forest1418 (56)
Pukehau3612'S17415'E61 (200)Warm temperate dry forest1172 (46)
Topuni3612'S17427'E63 (207)Warm temperate dry forest1388 (55)
Little Barrier Is3613'S1753'E2 (7)1435 (57)
Warkworth 3624'S17440'E72 (236)Warm temperate dry forest1606 (63)
Sandy Bay3631'S17527'E8 (26)Warm temperate dry forest1813 (71)
Mairetahi3633'S17419'E24 (79)1209 (48)
Tiri Tiri3636'S17454'EWarm temperate dry forest1041 (41)
Okura Point3640'S17443'E14 (46)Warm temperate dry forest1274 (50)
Woodhill Forest3645'S17425'E30 (98)Marine west coast15 (58)1311 (52)
Riverhead Forest3646'S17434'E28 (92)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (58)1394 (55)
Whenuapai3646'S17437'E26 (85)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (58)1334 (53)
Whangapoua Forest3646'S17536'E4 (13)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (58)1863 (73)
Coromandel P.O.3646'S17530'E9 (30)Warm temperate dry forest1861 (73)
Chiltern3648'S17531'E67 (220)Warm temperate dry forest2133 (84)
Auckland, Albert Park3651'S17446'E44 (144)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest16 (60)1255 (49)
Auckland, Otara3651'S17445'E44 (144)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (58)1206 (47)
Auckland, Owairaka3651'S17445'E44 (144)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (59)1296 (51)
Auckland, Mangere3651'S17445'E44 (144)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (59)1201 (47)
Auckland City3652'S17446'E26 (85)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest16 (60)1120 (44)
Onehunga B.Council3655'S17447'E3 (10)Warm temperate dry forest1258 (50)
Auckland Airport370'S17448'E7 (23)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (59)1137 (45)
Tairua Forest371'S17550'E10 (33)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (58)1814 (71)
Ardmore371'S17457'E42 (138)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (58)1313 (52)
Manukau Heads373'S17431'E2 (7)Warm temperate dry forest1066 (42)
Kauaeranga Forest377'S17537'E53 (174)Warm temperate dry forest1948 (77)
Kingseat377'S17448'E9 (30)Warm temperate dry forest1269 (50)
Pukekohe Bc3713'S17454'E67 (220)Warm temperate dry forest1360 (54)
Turua3713'S17534'E2 (7)Warm temperate dry forest1135 (45)
Waiuku Forest3715'S17445'E51 (167)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (58)1316 (52)
Maramarua Forest3718'S17515'E38 (125)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (56)1245 (49)
Kerepehi3718'S17533'E9 (30)Warm temperate dry forest1146 (45)
Golden Cross3719'S17546'E305 (1001)Warm temperate dry forest2879 (113)
Onewhero3719'S17457'E46 (151)Warm temperate dry forest1403 (55)
Onewhero, Gleniffer3719'S17457'E46 (151)Warm temperate dry forest1576 (62)
Paeroa3722'S17540'E22 (72)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (58)1293 (51)
Waihi3722'S17549'E326 (1070)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (57)2116 (83)
Te Kauwhata Maf3725'S1757'E32 (105)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (58)1145 (45)
Waihi Beach3725'S17555'E8 (26)Warm temperate dry forest1661 (65)
Elstow3731'S17539'E12 (39)Warm temperate dry forest1160 (46)
Te Aroha3733'S17543'E18 (59)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest15 (59)1506 (59)
Lottin Point3733'S17810'E61 (200)Warm temperate thorn steppe1654 (65)
Huntly3734'S17510'E13 (43)Warm temperate dry forest1290 (51)
Rukuhanga3734'S1781'E21 (69)Warm temperate thorn steppe1514 (60)
Waitoa3736'S17536'E18 (59)Warm temperate dry forest1086 (43)
Shaftesbury3737'S17548'E55 (180)Warm temperate dry forest1841 (72)
Tauranga3740'S17612'E5 (16)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (58)1293 (51)
Kereone3740'S17539'E55 (180)Warm temperate dry forest1214 (48)
Matarau3740'S1784'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe2414 (95)
Katoa, Whakaangiangi3743'S17818'E94 (308)Warm temperate thorn steppe2585 (102)
Kiwitahi3743'S17534'E40 (131)Warm temperate dry forest1189 (47)
Whakamarama3743'S1760'E256 (840)Warm temperate thorn steppe2157 (85)
Tauwhare3745'S17527'E46 (151)Warm temperate dry forest1172 (46)
Ruakura3746'S17519'E40 (131)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (56)1198 (47)
Matamata Okauia3746'S17551'E43 (141)Warm temperate dry forest1431 (56)
Mclaren Falls3748'S1761'E122 (400)Warm temperate thorn steppe1980 (78)
Pohaturoa3748'S17540'E91 (299)Warm temperate dry forest1351 (53)
Te Puke3748'S17619'E61 (200)Warm temperate thorn steppe1628 (64)
Whatawhata3749'S1754'E104 (341)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (57)1592 (63)
Matamata3749'S17546'E61 (200)Warm temperate dry forest1321 (52)
Maniatutu3751'S17627'E64 (210)Warm temperate thorn steppe1428 (56)
Hamilton, River Rd3751'S17519'E53 (174)Warm temperate dry forest1341 (53)
Hamilton3751'S17519'E54 (177)Warm temperate dry forest1209 (48)
Cambridge, Whitehall3752'S17534'E140 (459)Warm temperate dry forest1223 (48)
Ngahinapouri3752'S17513'E37 (121)Warm temperate dry forest1338 (53)
Pikowai3752'S17639'E63 (207)1375 (54)
Rotoehu Forest3754'S17631'E72 (236)Marine west coast13 (56)1599 (63)
Ruatoria3754'S17819'E61 (200)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe15 (58)1845 (73)
Cambridge3754'S17528'E44 (144)Warm temperate dry forest1182 (47)
Te Ranga3754'S17616'E335 (1099)Warm temperate thorn steppe2294 (90)
Whakatane, Wainui3754'S17654'E6 (20)1534 (60)
Karapiro3755'S17531'E60 (197)Warm temperate dry forest1220 (48)
Thornton3755'S17652'E3 (10)1253 (49)
Thornton East3755'S17652'E3 (10)1290 (51)
Edgecumbe3758'S17648'E8 (26)1386 (55)
Roto O Rangi3758'S17528'E61 (200)Warm temperate dry forest1197 (47)
Te Teko381'S17649'E8 (26)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (58)1474 (58)
Awakeri381'S17649'E100 (328)Warm temperate thorn steppe1328 (52)
Mahoetahi Manawahe381'S17637'E396 (1299)Warm temperate thorn steppe2356 (93)
Mt Pirongia Makeokeo381'S1757'E219 (719)Warm temperate thorn steppe2281 (90)
Lake Rotoma383'S17631'E310 (1017)Warm temperate thorn steppe2241 (88)
Ruangarehu383'S17810'E274 (899)Warm temperate thorn steppe1667 (66)
Te Puia Springs383'S17818'E210 (689)Warm temperate thorn steppe1844 (73)
Arapuni384'S17539'E123 (404)Marine west coastWarm temperate dry forest14 (56)1426 (56)
Kawhia384'S17449'E5 (16)Warm temperate thorn steppe1360 (54)
Ngongataha, Dalbeth Rd384'S17610'E411 (1348)Cool temperate steppe1852 (73)
Ngutunui384'S1754'E305 (1001)Warm temperate thorn steppe2212 (87)
Opotiki384'S17716'E10 (33)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe14 (57)1339 (53)
Opouriao385'S17659'E17 (56)Warm temperate thorn steppe1606 (63)
Mamaku386'S1764'E570 (1870)Cool temperate steppe2075 (82)
Kawerau386'S17641'E38 (125)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe15 (58)1760 (69)
Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty387'S17619'E294 (965)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)1466 (58)
Putaruru, Lichfield387'S17549'E198 (650)Warm temperate dry forest1487 (59)
Waimana389'S1774'E37 (121)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe14 (56)1721 (68)
Otorohanga3813'S17513'E37 (121)Warm temperate thorn steppe1377 (54)
Otorohanga, Glenbrook3813'S17513'E37 (121)Warm temperate thorn steppe1450 (57)
Motu3816'S17733'E488 (1601)Cool temperate steppe2053 (81)
Waipaoa3816'S17751'E244 (801)Cool temperate steppe1360 (54)
Marokopa3818'S17443'E5 (16)Warm temperate thorn steppe1421 (56)
Waiotapu Forest3819'S17625'E435 (1427)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (53)1403 (55)
Kopuriki3819'S17648'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe1390 (55)
Kopuriki, Grant Rd3819'S17648'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe1315 (52)
Rangitoto3819'S17522'E320 (1050)Warm temperate thorn steppe1845 (73)
Tolaga Bay, Mangatuna3819'S17816'E15 (49)Warm temperate thorn steppe1396 (55)
Te Kuiti3819'S1759'E52 (171)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (56)1529 (60)
Maraetai3821'S17545'E198 (650)Warm temperate dry forest1454 (57)
Dumbreck3822'S17452'E366 (1201)Warm temperate thorn steppe2348 (92)
Ngakuru3822'S17610'E305 (1001)Cool temperate steppe1265 (50)
Kaingaroa Forest3824'S17634'E544 (1785)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe11 (52)1546 (61)
Piopio, Cumbrae3824'S17451'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe2578 (102)
Galatea3825'S17648'E189 (620)Warm temperate thorn steppe1248 (49)
Whakamaru3825'S17548'E231 (758)Warm temperate dry forest1314 (52)
Murupara3827'S17642'E198 (650)Warm temperate thorn steppe1313 (52)
Otoko3827'S17737'E274 (899)Cool temperate steppe1241 (49)
Mokairau, Pakarae3828'S17815'E46 (151)Warm temperate thorn steppe1461 (58)
Pureora Forest3831'S17533'E549 (1801)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (51)1789 (70)
Wairapukao Forest3831'S17634'E437 (1434)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (51)1374 (54)
Glenochy3831'S17452'E170 (558)Warm temperate thorn steppe2182 (86)
Ngatapa, Totangi Rd3833'S17746'E91 (299)Warm temperate thorn steppe1121 (44)
Tapuwae3833'S17521'E488 (1601)Cool temperate steppe1747 (69)
Aria, Glenburn3834'S1750'E107 (351)Cool temperate steppe1540 (61)
Beckington, Waihirere3834'S17755'E15 (49)Warm temperate thorn steppe1024 (40)
Eastwood Hill Stn3834'S17743'E137 (449)Warm temperate thorn steppe1079 (42)
Ngatapa, Rere Rd3834'S17743'E137 (449)Warm temperate thorn steppe1080 (43)
Wairakei3837'S1766'E342 (1122)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (54)1216 (48)
Minginui Forest3839'S17643'E366 (1201)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (53)1481 (58)
Gisborne, Manutuke3839'S1780'E19 (62)Marine west coast14 (57)963 (38)
Gisborne3840'S17759'E5.1 (17)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (58)1036 (41)
Waerenga O Kuri3840'S17748'E314 (1030)Warm temperate thorn steppe1382 (54)
Taupo Nzed3840'S1764'E384 (1260)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (54)1148 (45)
Mokau, Mohakatino Stn3843'S17437'E46 (151)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (57)1533 (60)
Ongarue3845'S17510'E229 (751)Cool temperate steppe1501 (59)
Parikanapa3845'S17742'E594 (1949)Warm temperate thorn steppe1829 (72)
Mangatawhiti3846'S17719'E427 (1401)Cool temperate steppe1667 (66)
Waimihia Forest3848'S17615'E743 (2438)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (49)1663 (65)
Waikaremoana Onepoto3848'S1777'E643 (2110)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (53)2089 (82)
Pihanga3848'S17725'E137 (449)Cool temperate steppe1536 (60)
Tuai3848'S1779'E274 (899)Cool temperate steppe1734 (68)
Ngapuke3851'S17525'E311 (1020)Cool temperate steppe1297 (51)
Hinemaiaia Dam3852'S1764'E493 (1617)Cool temperate steppe1396 (55)
Kuratau3852'S17543'E427 (1401)Cool temperate steppe1333 (52)
Taumarunui3852'S17515'E178 (584)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)1450 (57)
Waiau, Hillcrest3855'S17716'E107 (351)Cool temperate steppe1331 (52)
Clydebank, Frasertown3857'S17728'E46 (151)Cool temperate steppe1667 (66)
Tatu3857'S17457'E183 (600)Warm temperate thorn steppe1893 (75)
Uruti3858'S17434'E104 (341)Warm temperate thorn steppe2041 (80)
Wairoa, Frasertown390'S17724'E8 (26)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe14 (58)1418 (56)
Waitara390'S17413'E6 (20)1378 (54)
New Plymouth390'S17411'E27 (89)Marine west coast14 (56)1464 (58)
Tongariro Hatchery391'S17549'E411 (1348)Cool temperate steppe1826 (72)
Tuhara Valley391'S17730'E24 (79)1400 (55)
Waihua Valley393'S17713'E67 (220)1381 (54)
Kotemaori, Glenfarg394'S1771'E277 (909)1460 (57)
Inglewood399'S17412'E195 (640)Warm temperate thorn steppe2324 (91)
Purangi399'S17431'E206 (676)Warm temperate thorn steppe2116 (83)
Desert Road Tearooms3910'S17545'E906 (2972)Cool temperate steppe2853 (112)
Tarata3910'S17422'E94 (308)Warm temperate thorn steppe1830 (72)
Pukeiti3912'S17358'E366 (1201)Warm temperate thorn steppe3228 (127)
Chateau Tongariro3912'S17532'E1119 (3671)Cool temperate steppe7 (45)2941 (116)
Te Wera Forest3913'S17436'E180 (591)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)1821 (72)
Tariki Hydro3913'S17416'E235 (771)Warm temperate thorn steppe2431 (96)
Tutira3913'S17652'E201 (659)Warm temperate thorn steppe1414 (56)
Esk Forest3915'S17642'E427 (1401)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (54)1702 (67)
Cape Egmont3916'S17345'E8 (26)Warm temperate thorn steppe1380 (54)
Rukumoana3916'S17640'E368 (1207)Warm temperate thorn steppe1610 (63)
Tareha3916'S17652'E430 (1411)Warm temperate thorn steppe1558 (61)
Te Wairere3916'S17633'E564 (1850)Warm temperate thorn steppe1737 (68)
Stratford Dem Farm3919'S17418'E311 (1020)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)2040 (80)
Dawson Falls3919'S1747'E945 (3100)Warm temperate thorn steppe5900 (232)
Orautoha3919'S17513'E323 (1060)Cool temperate steppe1401 (55)
Eskdale3924'S17648'E40 (131)Warm temperate thorn steppe1057 (42)
Te Hau3924'S17634'E360 (1181)Warm temperate thorn steppe1319 (52)
Eltham3925'S17416'E183 (600)Warm temperate thorn steppe1584 (62)
Riverlea3925'S1744'E259 (850)Warm temperate thorn steppe1605 (63)
Waiwhare3927'S17628'E351 (1152)Cool temperate steppe1224 (48)
Waiouru Mwd3928'S17540'E823 (2700)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (48)1030 (41)
Karioi3928'S17531'E648 (2126)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (51)1156 (46)
Napier (Aero)3928'S17652'E2 (7)Warm temperate thorn steppe830 (33)
Patiki3928'S17358'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe1404 (55)
Napier, Hawkes Bay3928'S17655'E0 (0)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (58)810 (32)
Sherenden3930'S17636'E250 (820)Warm temperate thorn steppe1021 (40)
Manaia Dem Farm3931'S1749'E98 (322)Marine west coast13 (55)1166 (46)
Marua3931'S17555'E805 (2641)Cool temperate steppe896 (35)
Parapara, Okeore3931'S17519'E472 (1549)Warm temperate thorn steppe1242 (49)
Inaha3934'S17410'E50 (164)1089 (43)
Moawhango, Tikerere3936'S17551'E488 (1601)Cool temperate steppe859 (34)
Rose Hill3939'S17633'E171 (561)Warm temperate thorn steppe794 (31)
Havelock Nth, Te Mata3940'S17655'E140 (459)Warm temperate thorn steppe820 (32)
Mataroa3940'S17542'E564 (1850)Cool temperate steppe1070 (42)
Taoroa3942'S17555'E442 (1450)Cool temperate steppe898 (35)
Whakarua3942'S17634'E223 (732)Warm temperate thorn steppe900 (35)
Gwavas Forest3943'S17627'E335 (1099)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)1200 (47)
Hunterville, Koeke Est3943'S17534'E505 (1657)Cool temperate steppe1109 (44)
Taurapa3943'S17658'E91 (299)Warm temperate thorn steppe914 (36)
Koparakore3945'S17642'E55 (180)Warm temperate thorn steppe724 (29)
Cairnmuir Mangaweka3946'S17548'E457 (1499)Cool temperate steppe1112 (44)
Gwavas3946'S17628'E244 (801)Cool temperate steppe1043 (41)
Mokopeka3946'S17655'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe1042 (41)
Smedley3946'S17621'E457 (1499)Cool temperate steppe1392 (55)
Waimarama3948'S17658'E3 (10)Warm temperate thorn steppe932 (37)
Hapua3949'S17651'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe1108 (44)
Springhill3951'S17622'E274 (899)Cool temperate steppe1029 (40)
Anawai3952'S17652'E442 (1450)Warm temperate thorn steppe1980 (78)
Blackburn3952'S17619'E320 (1050)Cool temperate steppe1033 (41)
Mangaonoho3952'S17539'E290 (951)Cool temperate steppe999 (39)
Ohingaiti, Mangamako3952'S17546'E311 (1020)Cool temperate steppe943 (37)
Oxton3952'S17519'E82 (269)Warm temperate thorn steppe974 (38)
Patangata3952'S17642'E76 (249)Warm temperate thorn steppe826 (33)
Tahuna3952'S17631'E168 (551)Warm temperate thorn steppe941 (37)
Te Parapara3952'S17557'E610 (2001)Cool temperate steppe1179 (46)
Makaretu North3954'S17615'E396 (1299)Cool temperate steppe1376 (54)
Wanganui, Cooks Gdns3955'S1753'E22 (72)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (57)860 (34)
Okoia, Mangaone3955'S17510'E160 (525)Warm temperate thorn steppe971 (38)
Ashley Clinton3957'S17613'E351 (1152)Cool temperate steppe1355 (53)
Apiti3958'S17552'E457 (1499)Cool temperate steppe1196 (47)
Apiti, Table Flat3958'S17558'E686 (2251)Cool temperate steppe1622 (64)
Mt Vernon3958'S17633'E155 (509)Warm temperate thorn steppe846 (33)
Ngahere Iti3958'S17533'E195 (640)Cool temperate steppe962 (38)
Tiroroa Rewa3958'S17537'E229 (751)Cool temperate steppe968 (38)
Waipukurau400'S17631'E137 (449)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)809 (32)
Marton (Filter Station)400'S17524'E244 (801)Warm temperate thorn steppe1060 (42)
Taniwha400'S17625'E168 (551)Cool temperate steppe849 (33)
Maharakeke401'S17625'E176 (577)Warm temperate thorn steppe973 (38)
Motu Kowhai401'S17530'E165 (541)Warm temperate thorn steppe963 (38)
Ngamoko403'S17610'E445 (1460)Warm temperate thorn steppe1779 (70)
Turakina403'S17512'E24 (79)Warm temperate thorn steppe914 (36)
Kopua404'S17616'E311 (1020)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)1070 (42)
Komako404'S17555'E271 (889)Warm temperate thorn steppe1280 (50)
Marama Kowhai404'S17548'E244 (801)Warm temperate thorn steppe1046 (41)
Marton (Ross Street)404'S17522'E152 (499)Warm temperate thorn steppe1017 (40)
Waiwhero404'S17639'E137 (449)Warm temperate thorn steppe1109 (44)
Lake Alice407'S17519'E126 (413)Warm temperate thorn steppe944 (37)
Aramoana409'S17649'E27 (89)Warm temperate thorn steppe1085 (43)
Bywell4010'S17616'E380 (1247)Warm temperate thorn steppe1304 (51)
Flemington, Red Oaks4010'S17627'E174 (571)Warm temperate thorn steppe866 (34)
Ruaroa4010'S1761'E268 (879)Warm temperate thorn steppe1482 (58)
Ohakea4012'S17522'E52 (171)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (56)892 (35)
Te Rehunga4012'S17558'E305 (1001)Warm temperate thorn steppe1593 (63)
Dannevirke4013'S1767'E207 (679)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (54)1053 (41)
Bulls, Flockhouse4013'S17516'E9 (30)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)870 (34)
Feilding Sandon Rd4013'S17533'E87 (285)Warm temperate thorn steppe925 (36)
Waitatapia4013'S17518'E29 (95)Warm temperate thorn steppe877 (35)
Feilding Sewage Pt4015'S17533'E55 (180)Warm temperate thorn steppe847 (33)
Wharenui, Wilder Sett4015'S17630'E122 (400)Warm temperate thorn steppe980 (39)
Bunnythorpe4016'S17537'E55 (180)Warm temperate thorn steppe851 (34)
Porongahau, Glebelands4018'S17637'E6 (20)Warm temperate thorn steppe961 (38)
Palmerston N (Aero)4019'S17537'E40 (131)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)896 (35)
Glen Oroua4019'S17524'E23 (75)Warm temperate thorn steppe858 (34)
Palm. Nth, Haydon St4019'S17537'E41 (135)Warm temperate thorn steppe970 (38)
Waipuna Woodville4019'S17549'E67 (220)Warm temperate thorn steppe1261 (50)
Waitahora4019'S17612'E250 (820)Warm temperate thorn steppe1294 (51)
Palmerston N4019'S17537'E39.08 (128)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (56)960 (38)
Himatangi4024'S17518'E12 (39)Warm temperate thorn steppe908 (36)
Tawadale, Wimbledon4024'S17631'E107 (351)Warm temperate thorn steppe1309 (52)
Opiki4025'S17528'E11 (36)Warm temperate thorn steppe957 (38)
Tiritea4025'S17540'E131 (430)Warm temperate thorn steppe1297 (51)
Makomako4027'S17543'E158 (518)Warm temperate thorn steppe1594 (63)
Herbertville, Woodbank4028'S17633'E21 (69)Warm temperate thorn steppe1161 (46)
Mangamaire4031'S17545'E152 (499)Cool temperate steppe1271 (50)
Moutoa4031'S17519'E3 (10)Cool temperate steppe975 (38)
Tataramoa Makuri4031'S1760'E274 (899)Warm temperate thorn steppe1571 (62)
Waitarere Forest4033'S17512'E3 (10)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)876 (34)
Hukanui4034'S17540'E235 (771)Cool temperate steppe1828 (72)
Pongaroa, Green Hollow4034'S17613'E107 (351)Warm temperate thorn steppe1076 (42)
Eastry4036'S17551'E146 (479)Cool temperate steppe1151 (45)
Levin Maf4037'S17516'E24 (79)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (56)1102 (43)
Muhunoa East4040'S17516'E110 (361)Cool temperate steppe1402 (55)
Paturau4040'S17224'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe1848 (73)
Stephens Is4040'S1740'E187 (614)808 (32)
Bainham4046'S17233'E79 (259)Cool temperate steppe3949 (155)
Greville Harbour4048'S17349'E229 (751)1047 (41)
Kopuaranga4048'S17540'E206 (676)Cool temperate steppe1340 (53)
Tarakohe4049'S17254'E5 (16)Cool temperate steppe1540 (61)
Te Horo, Longcroft4049'S1759'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe1160 (46)
Willowlea4051'S17551'E122 (400)Cool temperate steppe999 (39)
Waikanae4052'S1754'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe1216 (48)
Castlepoint4054'S17613'EWarm temperate thorn steppe929 (37)
Marangai4054'S1760'E98 (322)Warm temperate thorn steppe1029 (41)
Reikorangi4054'S1757'E150 (492)Cool temperate steppe1685 (66)
Tinui Downs4054'S1764'E46 (151)Warm temperate thorn steppe1085 (43)
Paraparaumu4054'S17459'E7.86 (26)Marine west coast13 (55)1036 (41)
Purunui, Blairlogie4055'S17557'E119 (390)Cool temperate steppe1030 (41)
Masterton, Bagshot4057'S17537'E116 (381)Cool temperate steppe1052 (41)
Waingawa4058'S17537'E114 (374)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)953 (38)
Uruwhenua4058'S17249'E91 (299)Cool temperate steppe2278 (90)
Wairarapa Cadet Farm410'S17537'E110 (361)Cool temperate steppe844 (33)
Ngaumu Forest411'S17552'E244 (801)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)1154 (45)
Gladstone Te Kopi411'S17542'E85 (279)Warm temperate thorn steppe877 (35)
Paekakariki Hill411'S17455'E250 (820)Warm temperate thorn steppe1323 (52)
Titirangi Bay411'S1749'E46 (151)Cool temperate steppe1550 (61)
Kaitoke Headworks413'S17512'E189 (620)Warm temperate thorn steppe2293 (90)
Riwaka Valley413'S17255'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe1807 (71)
Kaitoke414'S17510'E223 (732)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe11 (52)2077 (82)
Cobb (Power Station)414'S17243'E213 (699)Cool temperate steppe2051 (81)
Greytown P.O.414'S17528'E57 (187)Warm temperate thorn steppe1046 (41)
Woodside414'S17522'E82 (269)Warm temperate thorn steppe1439 (57)
Cobb (Dam)416'S17240'E823 (2700)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (47)2248 (88)
Gladstone, Bannockburn416'S17537'E107 (351)Warm temperate thorn steppe910 (36)
Pokokini416'S17355'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe1725 (68)
The Brothers416'S17427'E66 (217)Cool temperate steppe770 (30)
The Downs416'S17533'E61 (200)Warm temperate thorn steppe884 (35)
Tauherenikau417'S17522'E43 (141)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)1089 (43)
Featherston417'S17519'E46 (151)Warm temperate thorn steppe1183 (47)
Fern Glen417'S1760'E30 (98)1045 (41)
Manaroa417'S1741'E10 (33)Cool temperate steppe1613 (63)
U Hutt417'S1752'E55 (180)Warm temperate thorn steppe1348 (53)
Motueka417'S1731'E3 (10)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)1418 (56)
Wallaceville418'S1753'E56 (184)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (54)1298 (51)
Lower Moutere419'S17258'E5 (16)Cool temperate steppe1229 (48)
Trentham419'S1751'E49 (161)Warm temperate thorn steppe1229 (48)
Linden4110'S17449'E46 (151)Warm temperate thorn steppe1309 (52)
Longbush, Eringa Stn4110'S17537'E189 (620)Warm temperate thorn steppe1081 (43)
Martinbor, Riverside4110'S17528'E55 (180)Warm temperate thorn steppe809 (32)
Waitaria Bay4110'S1741'E37 (121)Cool temperate steppe2011 (79)
Whangamoa4110'S17331'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe1622 (64)
Graham V. Pokororo4112'S17249'E82 (269)Cool temperate steppe1658 (65)
Waikoukou, Longbush4112'S17536'E122 (400)Warm temperate thorn steppe910 (36)
Martinborough4112'S17526'E22 (72)Warm temperate thorn steppe783 (31)
Rai Valley4113'S17334'E55 (180)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (53)2027 (80)
Mahaki4113'S17525'E24 (79)Warm temperate thorn steppe770 (30)
Martinboro, Puruatanga4113'S17530'E37 (121)Warm temperate thorn steppe818 (32)
Ngatapa, Wainuioru Vy4113'S17540'E122 (400)Warm temperate thorn steppe1115 (44)
Lower Hutt, Taita4113'S17455'E15 (49)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)1350 (53)
Lower Hutt, Avalon4113'S17455'E15 (49)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (56)1344 (53)
Lower Hutt, Gracefield4113'S17455'E15 (49)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (56)1316 (52)
Eastbourne, Days Bay4115'S17454'E33 (108)Warm temperate thorn steppe1415 (56)
Karamea4115'S1727'E4 (13)Cool temperate steppe1894 (75)
Mapua4115'S1734'E15 (49)Cool temperate steppe981 (39)
Waiorongomai4116'S1759'E21 (69)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)1581 (62)
Appleby4116'S1736'E17 (56)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)986 (39)
Hikawera4116'S17537'E305 (1001)Warm temperate thorn steppe1180 (46)
Karori Reservoir4116'S17445'E141 (463)Warm temperate thorn steppe1363 (54)
Linkwater4116'S17352'E25 (82)Cool temperate steppe1545 (61)
Maitai Valley4116'S17321'E116 (381)Cool temperate steppe1539 (61)
Te Wharau, Waimoana4116'S17552'E6 (20)Warm temperate thorn steppe1085 (43)
Wainuiomata4116'S17458'E125 (410)Warm temperate thorn steppe1939 (76)
Wellington4116'S17445'E127 (417)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)1265 (50)
Nelson4117'S17311'E2 (7)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (54)995 (39)
Wellington Aero4117'S17448'E125 (410)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe14 (56)1018 (40)
Baton4119'S17243'E201 (659)Cool temperate steppe1541 (61)
Havelock Suburban4119'S17345'E17 (56)Cool temperate steppe1516 (60)
Ocean Bay4119'S1746'E9 (30)Cool temperate steppe1346 (53)
Te Wharau, Glenburn4119'S17551'E15 (49)Warm temperate thorn steppe1056 (42)
Beacon Hill4119'S17449'E131 (430)Warm temperate thorn steppe1054 (41)
Moutere Hills4122'S1734'E110 (361)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)1072 (42)
Lagoon Hill4122'S17531'E113 (371)Warm temperate thorn steppe1332 (52)
Pirinoa4122'S17513'E52 (171)Warm temperate thorn steppe1097 (43)
Roding River4122'S17316'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe1466 (58)
Baring Head4125'S17452'E79 (259)Warm temperate thorn steppe899 (35)
Wangapeka4125'S17237'E259 (850)Cool temperate steppe1742 (69)
Marshlands4127'S1740'E3 (10)Cool temperate steppe778 (31)
Motupiko4127'S17249'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe1130 (44)
Grovetown4128'S17358'E6 (20)Cool temperate steppe662 (26)
Kohatu, Highfield4128'S17258'E259 (850)Cool temperate steppe1285 (51)
Onamalutu, Ashdown Stn4128'S17340'E116 (381)Cool temperate steppe1604 (63)
Te Awaiti4128'S17534'E9 (30)Warm temperate thorn steppe985 (39)
Blenheim4131'S17352'E32 (105)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)724 (29)
Fabians Valley4131'S17334'E152 (499)Cool temperate steppe1342 (53)
Sevenoaks4131'S17349'E55 (180)Cool temperate steppe777 (31)
Wairau Vly, Southwold4131'S17334'E119 (390)Cool temperate steppe1009 (40)
Fairhall4133'S17351'E65 (213)Cool temperate steppe676 (27)
Kaka4134'S17240'E396 (1299)Cool temperate steppe1722 (68)
Tyntesfield4136'S17345'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe716 (28)
Cape Palliser4137'S17518'E10 (33)1016 (40)
Glenmae4137'S17324'E229 (751)Cool temperate steppe1093 (43)
Seaview4137'S1749'E17 (56)Warm temperate thorn steppe630 (25)
Ugbrooke4137'S1746'E61 (200)Warm temperate thorn steppe698 (27)
Seddon4140'S1744'E85 (279)Warm temperate thorn steppe626 (25)
Grassmere4143'S1749'E2 (7)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe13 (55)587 (23)
Marama4143'S17355'E213 (699)Cool temperate steppe782 (31)
Spray Point Waihopai4143'S17325'E457 (1499)Cool temperate steppe1038 (41)
Cape Campbell4144'S17417'E32.3 (106)Warm temperate thorn steppe655 (26)
Westport Aero4144'S17135'E4.6 (15)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)2224 (88)
The Leatham4145'S17312'E466 (1529)Cool temperate steppe1217 (48)
Wai Iti4145'S1744'E96 (315)Warm temperate thorn steppe682 (27)
Westport Marine4145'S17136'E4 (13)Cool temperate steppe2218 (87)
Howard4146'S17239'E470 (1542)Cool temperate steppe1893 (75)
Murchison4148'S17219'ECool temperate steppe1564 (62)
Lake Rotoiti4147'S17250'E634 (2080)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (48)1581 (62)
Duntroon4149'S17346'E350 (1148)Cool temperate steppe866 (34)
Mangles Valley4149'S17224'E232 (761)Cool temperate steppe1605 (63)
Ward, Chancet4149'S17410'E20 (66)Warm temperate thorn steppe761 (30)
Inangahua4151'S17157'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe2364 (93)
Awatere Vly, Upcot4154'S17334'E518 (1699)Cool temperate steppe753 (30)
Ellerton421'S17358'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe778 (31)
Dumfreith423'S17215'E380 (1247)Cool temperate steppe1928 (76)
Molesworth424'S17315'E893 (2930)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe8 (47)661 (26)
Ngaio Downs424'S17357'E24 (79)Cool temperate steppe709 (28)
Imphal426'S17351'E85 (279)Cool temperate steppe888 (35)
Reefton427'S17152'E198 (650)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)1990 (78)
Clarence, Matariki429'S17354'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe837 (33)
Totara Flat4218'S17137'E77 (253)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (53)1916 (75)
Hapuku, Grange Rd4218'S17340'E136 (446)Cool temperate steppe1509 (59)
Blackball4222'S17125'E107 (351)Cool temperate steppe3042 (120)
Sawyers Downs4222'S17328'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe1081 (43)
Haldon Downs4224'S17337'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe1009 (40)
Kaikoura West4224'S17340'E7 (23)Cool temperate steppe859 (34)
Kaikoura4225'S17342'E108 (354)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (54)825 (32)
Greymouth4227'S17110'E4 (13)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (54)2431 (96)
Dobson4227'S17118'E14 (46)Cool temperate steppe2805 (110)
Grey Robinson Rivers4227'S1721'E368 (1207)Cool temperate steppe2755 (108)
Greymouth Hbr4227'S17112'E3 (10)Cool temperate steppe2479 (98)
Whalesback4230'S17310'E463 (1519)Cool temperate steppe1309 (52)
Hanmer Forest4231'S17251'E387 (1270)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (51)1152 (45)
Arnold Power4231'S17125'E75 (246)Cool temperate steppe3071 (121)
Paroa4231'S17110'E11 (36)Cool temperate steppe2637 (104)
Ferniehurst4236'S17319'E137 (449)Cool temperate steppe1128 (44)
Glynn Wye Stn4236'S17231'E427 (1401)Cool temperate steppe985 (39)
Keinton Combe4236'S1736'E213 (699)Cool temperate steppe944 (37)
The Poplars4236'S17225'E539 (1768)Cool temperate steppe1221 (48)
Conway Flat4237'S17327'E43 (141)Cool temperate steppe803 (32)
Hawkswood4239'S17319'E152 (499)Cool temperate steppe1153 (45)
Highfield4239'S1734'E168 (551)Cool temperate steppe797 (31)
Rotomanu4239'S17134'E107 (351)Cool temperate steppe3358 (132)
Inchbonnie4240'S17127'E116 (381)Cool temperate steppe4768 (188)
Riverside4243'S17252'E207 (679)Cool temperate steppe707 (28)
Hokitika4243'S17058'E44 (144)Marine west coast12 (53)2832 (112)
Island Hills4245'S17233'E380 (1247)Cool temperate steppe1082 (43)
Spotswood4245'S17318'E27 (89)Cool temperate steppe809 (32)
Culverden Po4246'S17251'E173 (568)Cool temperate steppe607 (24)
Lake Taylor4246'S17216'E604 (1982)Cool temperate steppe1177 (46)
Lake Kaniere4248'S1717'E133 (436)Cool temperate steppe3863 (152)
Lowry Hills Stn4248'S1736'E244 (801)Cool temperate steppe831 (33)
Otira4249'S17134'E383 (1257)Cool temperate steppe5105 (201)
Gore Bay4251'S17319'E15 (49)Cool temperate steppe820 (32)
Balmoral Forest4252'S17245'E198 (650)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)597 (24)
Kowhitirangi4252'S1711'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe3565 (140)
Masons Flat4254'S17231'E335 (1099)Cool temperate steppe740 (29)
Ross4254'S17048'E15 (49)3250 (128)
Kilmarnock4255'S1739'E91 (299)Cool temperate steppe886 (35)
Melrose4255'S17225'E457 (1499)Cool temperate steppe938 (37)
Arthurs Pass4257'S17133'E738 (2421)Cool temperate steppe4236 (167)
Glenallen4258'S17239'E244 (801)Cool temperate steppe685 (27)
Motunau431'S1734'E27 (89)793 (31)
Waipara433'S17245'E76 (249)Warm temperate thorn steppe611 (24)
Amberley439'S17243'E38 (125)Warm temperate thorn steppe657 (26)
Wharfedale439'S17212'E396 (1299)Cool temperate steppe987 (39)
Glenthorne4310'S17127'E610 (2001)Boreal moist forest1514 (60)
Lower Whataroa4312'S17022'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe3711 (146)
Glentui4313'S17215'E274 (899)Cool temperate steppe1044 (41)
Harper River4313'S17128'E533 (1749)Boreal moist forest1254 (49)
Okuku4313'S17222'E152 (499)Cool temperate steppe846 (33)
Ashley Forest4315'S17234'E107 (351)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)774 (30)
Simois Creek4316'S17134'E549 (1801)Cool temperate steppe909 (36)
Whataroa4316'S17022'E64 (210)Cool temperate steppe4490 (177)
Rangiora4318'S17234'E30 (98)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)664 (26)
Double Hill4319'S17116'E561 (1841)Boreal moist forest1324 (52)
Mt Torlesse4319'S17155'E378 (1240)Cool temperate steppe1005 (40)
Coleridge Homestead4321'S17134'E514 (1686)Cool temperate steppe858 (34)
Lake Coleridge4322'S17131'E364 (1194)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (51)824 (32)
Eyrewell Forest4324'S17216'E158 (518)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)749 (29)
Waimakariri Bridge4325'S17239'E5 (16)Warm temperate thorn steppe623 (25)
High Peak Stn4327'S17143'E457 (1499)Cool temperate steppe1098 (43)
Darfield4328'S1727'E195 (640)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (53)788 (31)
Christchurch, Bromley4328'S17233'E30 (98)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (54)592 (23)
Shirley4330'S17240'E6 (20)Warm temperate thorn steppe578 (23)
Christchurch Gardens4331'S17237'E7 (23)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (54)644 (25)
Erewhon4331'S17052'E594 (1949)Boreal moist forest1559 (61)
Christchurch4332'S17237'E7 (23)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (53)615 (24)
Hororata4333'S17158'EMarine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)782 (31)
Highbank4334'S17143'E230 (755)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)934 (37)
Mt Pleasant4334'S17243'E137 (449)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe13 (55)683 (27)
Godley Head4334'S17248'E138 (453)Cool temperate steppe534 (21)
Methven, Alaska4336'S17134'E402 (1319)Cool temperate steppe1159 (46)
Alford Forest4337'S17131'E390 (1280)Cool temperate steppe1090 (43)
Burnham4337'S17219'E61 (200)Warm temperate thorn steppe641 (25)
Mahitahi4337'S16936'E30 (98)Boreal moist forest4527 (178)
Mesopotamia4337'S17054'E552 (1811)Boreal moist forest957 (38)
Methven4337'S17137'E316 (1037)Cool temperate steppe950 (37)
Lincoln4339'S17228'E11 (36)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe12 (53)640 (25)
Wairere, Ihuraua4339'S17127'E381 (1250)Cool temperate steppe1086 (43)
Little Akaloa4340'S1730'E244 (801)773 (30)
Springburn4340'S17128'E332 (1089)Cool temperate steppe908 (36)
Te Pirita Mead4340'S17158'E144 (472)Cool temperate steppe729 (29)
Evandale4342'S17119'E396 (1299)Cool temperate steppe981 (39)
Mt Cook4343'S1706'E765 (2510)Marine west coastBoreal moist forest9 (48)4194 (165)
Greenpark4343'S17231'E2 (7)Cool temperate steppe629 (25)
Lilybank4343'S17034'E686 (2251)Boreal moist forest1125 (44)
Lyndhurst4343'S17142'E232 (761)Cool temperate steppe776 (31)
Mt Somers, Buccleugh4343'S17128'E296 (971)Cool temperate steppe852 (34)
Paringa4343'S16927'E43 (141)Cool temperate steppe5520 (217)
Le Bons Bay, Eastwood4345'S1736'E229 (751)946 (37)
Higham Chertsey4346'S17155'E128 (420)Cool temperate steppe778 (31)
Okuti4346'S17248'E61 (200)Cool temperate steppe1202 (47)
Onawe Duvauchelle Bay4346'S17255'E46 (151)Cool temperate steppe942 (37)
Somerton4346'S17155'E137 (449)Cool temperate steppe747 (29)
Rakaia, Greenfields4346'S1720'E124 (407)Warm temperate thorn steppe905 (36)
Winchmore4348'S17148'E160 (525)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (52)726 (29)
Hackthorne4348'S17134'E198 (650)Cool temperate steppe765 (30)
Akaroa, Armstrong Cres4349'S17258'E34 (112)Cool temperate steppe1030 (41)
Lochaber4349'S1714'E451 (1480)Cool temperate steppe834 (33)
Magnet Bay4351'S17245'E6 (20)Cool temperate steppe686 (27)
Ashburton Council4354'S17145'EMarine west coastCool temperate steppe12 (53)696 (27)
Deepburn4355'S17051'E518 (1699)Boreal moist forest964 (38)
Hinds4358'S17125'E147 (482)Cool temperate steppe752 (30)
Orari Gorge4358'S17112'E259 (850)Cool temperate steppe1197 (47)
Pukaki, Braemar4358'S17012'E550 (1804)Boreal moist forest853 (34)
L Pukaki, Guide Hill440'S17013'E732 (2402)Boreal moist forest861 (34)
Lake Tekapo441'S17028'E762 (2500)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (48)611 (24)
Lynnford441'S17136'E73 (240)707 (28)
Woodbury441'S17111'E195 (640)Warm temperate thorn steppe1124 (44)
Burkes Pass, Airies444'S17040'E518 (1699)Cool temperate steppe897 (35)
Haast Pass446'S16922'E524 (1719)Boreal moist forest4412 (174)
Orari Estate447'S17119'E81 (266)Warm temperate thorn steppe720 (28)
Coldstream No 3449'S17133'E12 (39)613 (24)
Kakahu Bush449'S1716'E122 (400)Warm temperate thorn steppe752 (30)
Lake Ohau4410'S16949'E533 (1749)Boreal moist forest1186 (47)
Te Ngawai4413'S17043'E427 (1401)Cool temperate steppe879 (35)
Temuka4415'S17116'E24 (79)Marine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe11 (52)621 (24)
Makarora4415'S16913'E320 (1050)Boreal moist forest2393 (94)
Waitawa4416'S17110'E49 (161)Warm temperate thorn steppe558 (22)
Timaru4418'S17113'EMarine west coastWarm temperate thorn steppe11 (51)556 (22)
Cave, Heatherleigh4419'S17052'E274 (899)Cool temperate steppe744 (29)
Smithfield4422'S17115'E5 (16)Warm temperate thorn steppe595 (23)
Gleniti Reservoir4424'S17110'E76 (249)Warm temperate thorn steppe613 (24)
Timaru Harbour4423'S17115'E8 (26)Warm temperate thorn steppe581 (23)
Minaret Bay4425'S1697'E313 (1027)Boreal moist forest1458 (57)
Mt Nimrod4425'S17052'E381 (1250)Cool temperate steppe912 (36)
Gordons Valley4427'S1713'E91 (299)Warm temperate thorn steppe584 (23)
Foxdown4428'S17055'E229 (751)Cool temperate steppe663 (26)
Omarama, Tara Hills4431'S16954'E488 (1601)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (49)545 (21)
Hunter, Sodwall4434'S1711'E204 (669)640 (25)
Lake Hawea4436'S16915'E350 (1148)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (51)764 (30)
Moanaroa4436'S1716'E104 (341)595 (23)
Hawea Flat4439'S16918'E335 (1099)Cool temperate steppe713 (28)
Milford Sound4439'S16754'E6 (20)Marine west coastBoreal moist forest10 (51)6502 (256)
Lake Waitaki4440'S17025'E235 (771)Cool temperate steppe534 (21)
Wanaka4442'S1697'E314 (1030)Cool temperate steppe704 (28)
Waimate4443'S1713'E61 (200)Marine west coast12 (53)637 (25)
Mt Barker4443'S16910'E305 (1001)Cool temperate steppe652 (26)
Earnslaw4445'S16824'E335 (1099)Boreal moist forest1489 (59)
Melford Hills4445'S17046'E441 (1447)Cool temperate steppe686 (27)
Cardrona4452'S1691'E518 (1699)Cool temperate steppe639 (25)
Arrowtown4455'S16849'E360 (1181)Boreal moist forest752 (30)
Blackstone Hill4455'S16955'E579 (1900)Cool temperate steppe597 (24)
Arthurs Point4458'S16840'E482 (1581)Boreal moist forest903 (36)
Upper Meg4458'S1693'E518 (1699)Cool temperate steppe735 (29)
Lauder Flat450'S16942'E366 (1201)Cool temperate steppe495 (19)
Queenstown451'S16845'E354.5 (1163)Marine west coastBoreal moist forest11 (51)850 (33)
Matakanui454'S16931'E305 (1001)Cool temperate steppe544 (21)
Ophir457'S16937'E305 (1001)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (49)419 (17)
Ranfurly457'S1706'E424 (1391)Cool temperate steppe418 (16)
Clyde, Fraser St4510'S16919'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe412 (16)
Kauru, The Dasher4510'S17040'E549 (1801)Cool temperate steppe829 (33)
Te Anau Downs4510'S16749'E229 (751)Cool temperate steppe1215 (48)
Waipiata4510'S1709'E360 (1181)Cool temperate steppe382 (15)
Alexandra4515'S16924'E158 (518)Subtropical steppeCool temperate steppe11 (51)335 (13)
Glendale4521'S17028'E550 (1804)Cool temperate steppe637 (25)
Trotters Creek4522'S17049'E30 (98)Cool temperate steppe620 (24)
Te Anau4525'S16743'E213 (699)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (49)1173 (46)
Roxburgh4528'S16919'E110 (361)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe11 (51)468 (18)
Centrewood4531'S17046'E85 (279)542 (21)
Middlemarch, Garthmyl4531'S1707'E198 (650)Cool temperate steppe498 (20)
Roxburgh, Hilltop4533'S16924'E518 (1699)Cool temperate steppe621 (24)
Manapouri4534'S16736'E192 (630)Cool temperate steppe1257 (50)
Plains4534'S16752'E305 (1001)Cool temperate steppe1061 (42)
Cherry Farm Hospital4537'S17037'E6 (20)Marine west coast11 (51)633 (25)
Deep Stream4540'S16958'E366 (1201)Cool temperate steppe595 (23)
Dunrobin4543'S1687'E314 (1030)Cool temperate steppe942 (37)
Pinewood4543'S17015'E351 (1152)Cool temperate steppe716 (28)
Waikaia4543'S16851'E152 (499)Cool temperate steppe888 (35)
Wilden4543'S16912'E427 (1401)Cool temperate steppe847 (33)
Taiaroa Head4545'S17043'E76 (249)Marine west coast11 (51)647 (25)
Lee Flat4546'S1701'E354 (1161)Cool temperate steppe735 (29)
Monowai4546'S16737'E158 (518)Cool temperate steppe1258 (50)
Raes Junction4548'S16927'E152 (499)Cool temperate steppe887 (35)
Ross Creek4549'S17030'E165 (541)1103 (43)
Sullivan Dam4549'S17031'E299 (981)1222 (48)
Whare Flat4549'S17025'E158 (518)Cool temperate steppe1074 (42)
Beaumont Nzfs4551'S16928'E46 (151)Cool temperate steppe971 (38)
Mahinerangi Dam4552'S16958'E396 (1299)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe9 (47)971 (38)
Balmoral, Outram4552'S17013'E3 (10)Cool temperate steppe698 (27)
Dunedin, Btl Gardens4552'S17031'E73 (240)963 (38)
Kelso, Pineview4552'S1699'E180 (591)Cool temperate steppe880 (35)
Burnside4554'S17027'E43 (141)Cool temperate steppe834 (33)
Southern Reservoir4554'S17027'E122 (400)Cool temperate steppe826 (33)
Wether Hill4554'S16757'E311 (1020)Cool temperate steppe1057 (42)
Dunedin (Aero)4553'S17011'E1 (3)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (50)661 (26)
Dunedin, Musselburgh4553'S17030'E2 (7)Marine west coast11 (52)787 (31)
Lawrence4555'S16940'E122 (400)Cool temperate steppe714 (28)
Otama4555'S16849'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe791 (31)
Tapanui4557'S16915'E180 (591)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (50)934 (37)
Kaweku4557'S16840'E143 (469)Cool temperate steppe857 (34)
Berwick Forest4558'S1704'E18 (59)Marine west coastCool temperate steppe10 (51)746 (29)
Eastern Bush4558'S16746'E183 (600)Cool temperate steppe1081 (43)
Lillburn460'S16740'E76 (249)Cool temperate steppe1176 (46)
Mandeville460'S16849'E116 (381)Cool temperate steppe887 (35)
Lora461'S16833'E256 (840)Cool temperate desert scrub1270 (50)
Reaby Downs461'S16846'E168 (551)Cool temperate desert scrub1066 (42)
Tuapeka Mouth461'S16933'E116 (381)Cool temperate desert scrub703 (28)
Waihola461'S1704'E30 (98)706 (28)
Drummond466'S1687'E73 (240)Cool temperate desert scrub921 (36)
Hillend467'S16945'E262 (860)Cool temperate desert scrub816 (32)
Tuatapere467'S16740'E30 (98)Cool temperate desert scrub1203 (47)
Waimumu, Glendhu467'S16845'E183 (600)Cool temperate desert scrub1240 (49)
Winton469'S16819'E44 (144)Marine west coastCool temperate desert scrub10 (50)882 (35)
Puysegur Point469'S16637'E44.3 (145)Cool temperate desert scrub2170 (85)
Otautau4610'S1680'E55 (180)Marine west coastCool temperate desert scrub10 (50)1167 (46)
Baverstock Waiwera4610'S16931'E91 (299)Cool temperate desert scrub615 (24)
Nithdale4610'S1694'E213 (699)Cool temperate desert scrub1069 (42)
Clinton4612'S16922'E122 (400)Cool temperate desert scrub938 (37)
Remote4612'S16951'E91 (299)Cool temperate desert scrub711 (28)
Hokonui Forest4613'S16834'E46 (151)Marine west coastCool temperate desert scrub10 (50)1039 (41)
Balclutha, Otago4613'S16945'E12 (39)Cool temperate desert scrub700 (28)
Hedgehope4613'S16831'E41 (135)Cool temperate desert scrub1014 (40)
Balclutha, Finegand4616'S16943'E6 (20)Marine west coastCool temperate desert scrub10 (51)661 (26)
Orepuki4616'S16743'E20 (66)Cool temperate desert scrub1300 (51)
Inchclutha4618'S16949'E8 (26)Cool temperate desert scrub719 (28)
Edendale4619'S16846'E40 (131)Cool temperate desert scrub1030 (41)
Lochindorb4619'S16931'E198 (650)Cool temperate desert scrub1022 (40)
Riverton4621'S1681'E6 (20)Cool temperate desert scrub1114 (44)
Invercargill4625'S16819'E2.8 (9)Marine west coastCool temperate desert scrub10 (50)1082 (43)
Mokoreta4625'S1697'E105 (344)Cool temperate desert scrub1383 (54)
Nugget Point4627'S16949'E131.1 (430)Cool temperate desert scrub902 (36)
Owaka4627'S16939'E12 (39)Cool temperate desert scrub963 (38)
Centre Island4628'S16751'E61 (200)Cool temperate desert scrub1183 (47)
Awarua4630'S16822'E10 (33)Cool temperate desert scrub1108 (44)
Quarry Hills4633'S1693'E76 (249)1420 (56)
Dog Island4639'S16825'E12 (39)Cool temperate desert scrub1092 (43)

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